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Friday 10/14


Overcoming the Challenges of Game Internationalization

Friday 10/14 12:40PM - 1:40PM Room 211

Share Creators, Ada Liu

Designing games that can be adapted for a global audience is full of challenges. We saw many cases that some games are very successful in the Asian market but not doing so well in the western market, or vice versa.

Due to the innate cultural barriers caused by cultural differences, it is extremely difficult to successfully market games in different regions throughout the world without the game undergoing serious “acculturation,” which often leads to the failure of a game. With a focus on how Chinese domestic games are brought to overseas markets, this presentation will address how game producers can get a better understanding of the preferences of their target audience. How to do better oversea marketing AB tests and common mistakes that art designers should avoid for developers to get a better conversion rate. And other key components to helping solve potential inadaptability problems of domestic games in overseas markets.