Neville Page

Neville Page is an award-winning creature, costume, and concept designer whose credits include Super 8,Watchmen, Star Trek, Tron: Legacy, Cloverfield,Prometheus, and Avatar. As the creature designer for the Star Trek universe in both features (Star Trek Into Darkness) and television (Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard,) and as one of the celebrity judges for the SyFy television series Face Off, Neville brings an intimate knowledge of both practical special makeup effects and digital creature design. Neville has been nominated for six Emmys, of which he has won two, and is currently working on Star Trek: Picard as the Senior Creative designer.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/15


Designing Characters for Live Action Entertainment

Saturday 10/15 3:10PM - 4:10PM Room 211

Karla Ortiz, Christian Alzmann, Phil Boutte Jr., Wesley Burt, Rob Bliss, Neville Page, Crash McCreery

This talk is all about designing characters for live action TV and films with industry giants Crash McCreery, Karla Ortiz, Christian Alzmann, Rob Bliss, Phillip Boutte Jr., Wesley Burt, and Neville Page. Find out what it takes to bring characters to the live action world and hear the stories along the way. Q&A to follow. Moderated by Phillip Boutte Jr.