Phil Boutte Jr.

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Phillip has been working as a Costume Concept Artist/ Production Designer for film, music video and television for the past 15 years. He is also one of the Co-Founders of 9B Collective, the first Black Owned Concept Artist Collective made up primarily of BIPOC artists. His credits include Black Panther 1 & 2, Jungle Cruise, Inception and the upcoming Masters of the Universe (Live action 2022)

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/14


Concept Artist of Television and Film

Friday 10/14 4:30PM - 5:30PM Room 101

Phil Boutte Jr., Imogene Chayes, Luca Nemolato, Constantine Sekeris, Raphael phillips, Gina DeDomenico, Greg Hopwood

Concept Artists of Television & Film Presents: Concept artists Phil Boutte’ (Blue Beetle, Wicked, Wakanda Forever, Jungle Cruise), Imogen Chayes (She-Hulk, Madame Web, Masters of the Universe), Luca Nemolato (Shape of Water, Avatar the Last Airbender, Jungle Cruise),Raphael Phillips (Creed III, Moon Knight, Masters of the Universe), Greg Hopwood (Echo, The Boys, Ironheart), Constantine Sekeris (Masters of the Universe, House of Dragon), discuss the process behind creating concept art for some of the most exciting productions on Television and in Film. Including also a Q&A to answer audience questions.

Saturday 10/15


Creatives of Color Panel

Saturday 10/15 10:40AM - 11:40AM Room 211

Marlon West, Phil Boutte Jr., Frank Abney, Chrystin Garland, Mike Uwandi, Everett Downing

Join Marlon West, Phillip Boutte Jr., Frank Abney, Everett Downing, Chrystin Garland, and Mike Uwandi for a discussion about their experiences being Black artists and creatives in the entertainment industry and how they continue to break barriers in their creative roles. Moderated by Phillip Boutte Jr.


9B Collective: World Building in TV, Film, & Games

Saturday 10/15 1:00PM - 2:00PM Room 106

Phil Boutte Jr., Mike Uwandi, Aldis Hodge, Angela Alise Johnson, Procreate

9B Collective Studio is the first Black-Owned Concept Art Studio made up primarily of BIPOC artists and founded by Phillip Boutté Jr., Mike Uwandi, and Aldis Hodge. Our goal is to provide a shift in the Entertainment landscape by working towards true inclusivity both in front of, and behind the camera.
Join Co-Founders Phillip Boutté Jr., Mike Uwandi, and Aldis Hodge in a lively discussion about how 9B Collective | Concept Art Studio aims to help shift the imbalance in equity for the BIPOC community in the Entertainment landscape to achieve a means of true equality and inclusivity for all starting from behind the camera. Learn about the organization, its projects, and mission-driven education and mentorship arm.


Designing Characters for Live Action Entertainment

Saturday 10/15 3:10PM - 4:10PM Room 211

Karla Ortiz, Christian Alzmann, Phil Boutte Jr., Wesley Burt, Rob Bliss, Neville Page, Crash McCreery

This talk is all about designing characters for live action TV and films with industry giants Crash McCreery, Karla Ortiz, Christian Alzmann, Rob Bliss, Phillip Boutte Jr., Wesley Burt, and Neville Page. Find out what it takes to bring characters to the live action world and hear the stories along the way. Q&A to follow. Moderated by Phillip Boutte Jr.