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Christophe Lautrette is a production designer and character designer working currently for Paramount Animation. His two last productions include "RUMBLE" and "TIGER'S APPRENTICE." He spent 21 years at Dreamworks Animation starting on "PRINCE OF EGYPT" to "The Croods." Author of the book "MOONSHINE" He is also a children book illustrator and a live painter for music festivals.

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/14


Christophe Lautrette Portfolio Review

Friday 10/14 2:00PM - 3:00PM Portfolio Review Station 2

Christophe Lautrette

Saturday 10/15


Production Design Panel

Saturday 10/15 1:40PM - 2:40PM Room 104-105

Helen Chen, Paul Felix, Michael Knapp, Paul Lasaine, Christophe Lautrette, Jeff Turley, Maureen Fan

Production Designers Helen Mingjue Chen, Paul Lasaine, Paul Felix, Michael Knapp, Christophe Lautrette, and Jeff Turley share a behind the scenes look at the production design process and answer audience questions about what’s involved when working with producers and directors to bring their vision to the screen. Moderated by Maureen Fan.


How to start a feature animation movie!

Saturday 10/15 4:30PM - 6:00PM Room 209-210

Christophe Lautrette

Christophe Lautrette explains how to start an animation feature, and how to build a style guide from character design to the full details of production design, AND get a green light from the studio. All the tips and secrets to get the visuals you build approved from start to finish, the full length of production, for everyone!!!