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I'm an award-winning illustrator living in Austin, Texas. I have illustrated for clients such as Sony Animation, The Wall Street Journal, Dreamworks, Coca-Cola, Penguin (I would say "And many more," but I hate when people do that). You can see all my work at Meta me: #Setdesigner, #characterdesigner, #propdesigner, #colorartist, #visualdesign and #development

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Friday 10/14


Am I too old to be in the industry?

Friday 10/14 1:00PM - 2:00PM Room 214

Scott Thigpen

If you’ve thought, “I’m too old to get into the industry,” remember that age is inevitable; aging isn’t.

At nearly 50, Scott Thigpen has been a freelance artist in the illustration and animation industry. Even starting a little later in age, he has worked for Dreamworks, Sony Animation, The Wall Street Journal, Penguin, and Harlequin books. Scott’s late start in his art career had many hurdles to overcome. His talk is aimed to give you some encouragement and motivation for the one thing we all can’t escape but can embrace, aging.

Sunday 10/16


Scott Thigpen Portfolio Review

Sunday 10/16 11:30AM - 12:30PM Portfolio Review Station 1

Scott Thigpen