Rakan Khamash

Rakan is a highly motivated self-taught 3D artist fueled by a relentless passion for creativity. Making his way from his home in Jordan to the States he now has over 10 years of VFX experience. Rakan’s artistic and technical expertise have propelled him to succeed working on high quality 3D models for games, cinematic and more. In 2018 he fulfilled a career dream and landed a role at Blizzard Entertainment on the Cinematics’ Team. Since then, he’s contributed his talents to many titles including Overwatch , Diablo and World of Warcraft. Currently enjoying his role as Senior 3D Artist on the Overwatch team.

Participant Schedule

Sunday 10/16


Creating Iconic Heroes with the Overwatch Team!

Sunday 10/16 12:10PM - 1:10PM Room 211

Paul Warzecha, Qiu Fang, Daryl Tan, Rakan Khamash

From conceptual sketches to final character models learn how the Overwatch team breathes life into the heroes of Overwatch 2.

Members of the Overwatch concept team will show what goes into creating new hero and skin designs followed by the character modeling team sharing how these are translated into final ingame models. Big emphasis on creating appealing characters that resonate with players and how to make sure we don’t lose the cool factor as the designs are taken into 3 dimensions.