Pablo Dominguez

Pablo Dominguez Aguilar is a concept artist working in the Film, TV and Videogame Industry. He started as Matte painter working in house for El Ranchito VFX in Madrid, then he jumped to Marvel Studios as a Freelance concept artist. He moved to London to work at ILM for two and a half years and now he is Senior concept artist at Terraform Studios.

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/14


When Art Imitates Life: Concept Art for Live Action Entertainment

Friday 10/14 3:40PM - 4:40PM Room 104-105

Naomi Baker, Pablo Carpio, Pablo Dominguez, Alexander Mandradjiev, Phil Saunders, Banks Boutté

Join artists Alexander Mandradjiev (Avengers: Infinity War), Phil Saunders (Iron Man), Naomi Baker (Ghost of Tsushima), Danar Worya (The Last of Us Part II), Pablo Carpio (Captain Marvel), Pablo Dominguez (Star Wars Ep. IX), as they share tales from their celebrated concept careers and how they keep up with the ever-changing industry. Q & A to follow. Moderated by Banks Boutté from KitBash3D