Max Ulichney


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Max Ulichney is an illustrator, character designer, and animation art director based in Los Angeles whose clients include Dreamworks, Netflix, Procreate, Marvel, Disney, Riot Games, Fantastic Beasts, Wired, ImagineFX, and 3D Total. His MaxPacks Procreate brushes are popular worldwide with professionals and beginners alike.

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/14


Painting in Procreate with Max Ulichney

Friday 10/14 1:30PM - 2:30PM Room 106

Max Ulichney, Procreate

Max Ulichney an artist who wears many hats, literally and artistically. As an animation character designer, art director, and director, the majority of his career has been focused on CG supervision and production, skills which have fed back into his character design and illustration work in the form of fun, production-worthy characters, and scenes with bold cinematography at the forefront. He’s known for creating the beloved ‘MaxPacks’ brushes in Procreate, which are known for their richly textured, traditional feel.
Join Max and discover more about his creative process as he paints in Procreate.