Jayme Wilkinson

Jayme Wilkinson studied fine art at The Cleveland Institute of Art, Computer Science at The University of Akron, and Cinematography at Ohio State University. He has created numerous TV logos and station identity packages as well as illustrations for children's books and publications. Currently, he is working at Lightstorm Entertainment on James Cameron’s Avatar Sequel project.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/15


Life in a real-world Production Environment

Saturday 10/15 1:00PM - 2:00PM Room 101

Xencelabs, Justin Fields, Jayme Wilkinson, Steve Talkowski, Bryan K. Turner, Rich Hurrey, Mark Walsh, RC Aradio

From graphic novels to animation for TV or feature films, it’s all about bringing your ‘A’ game and understanding the secrets to the business.

Get insights from top industry experts on collaborating in a professional studio setting. Whether working as an independent contractor at a small boutique agency or working in the trenches at a major studio. Join our panel of artists as they relay the ins and outs of their experiences, contributing to a range of creative projects.