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Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi, originally from Japan, is a filmmaker and painter. A graduate from The School of Visual Arts in New York, Dice has worked as a visual development/color key artist at Blue Sky Studios on ICE AGE, ROBOTS and HORTON HEARS A WHO! His credits at Pixar Animation include Lighting Art Director for TOY STORY 3 and MONSTERS UNIVERSITY. After the success of Dice’s directorial debut, the Academy Award nominated short film THE DAM KEEPER, Dice left Pixar to co-found Tonko House Inc. with Robert Kondo. Dice has created and directed Tonko House's latest project "ONI: Thunder God's Tale" Dice is passionate about charity work and spearheaded both The Totoro Forest Project and Sketchtravel and in 2021 was recognized for his charitable contribution to the animation community with the June Foray Award.

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/14


ONI: Thunder God’s Tale Screening of Chapters 1&2 followed by Q&A

Friday 10/14 3:00PM - 5:00PM Civic Auditorium

Charles Solomon, Dice Tsutsumi, Robert Kondo, Sara K Sampson

In a world filled with Japanese mythological oddball gods and monsters, one of the creatures’ free-spirited daughters, Onari, is determined to follow in the footsteps of the mighty heroes of lore, but her unique powers are yet to be revealed. Does she have what it takes to fight to protect her peaceful village from the encroaching threat of the gods’ mysterious enemies, the “Oni”?

Saturday 10/15


Dice Tsutsumi Portfolio Review

Saturday 10/15 10:30AM - 11:30AM Portfolio Review Station 3

Dice Tsutsumi