Wouter Tulp

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Wouter is a freelance character designer based in the Netherlands. He is known for his versatility as an illustrator, lavishing over a hundred children’s books with his wonderful illustrations, as well as creating caricatures and editorial illustrations in high-circulation newspapers and magazines. Since then, he has shifted his focus towards character design. He is currently working for Netflix.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/15


Wouter Tulp Portfolio Review

Saturday 10/15 11:00AM - 12:00PM Portfolio Review Station 4

Wouter Tulp

Sunday 10/16


Creating A Cast: Character Design Panel

Sunday 10/16 10:00AM - 11:00AM Room 101

Wouter Tulp, Daniel Arriaga, Genevieve Tsai, Ricky de Los Angeles, Stephen Silver

Character designers Genevieve Tsai, Daniel Arriaga, Wouter Tulp, and Ricky de Los Angeles discuss the challenges of designing compelling characters, the ingredients for a good character design, and answer audience questions about what being a character designer for animated films and TV involves. Moderated by Stephen Silver