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Tiffanie Mang is a digital illustrator, gouache landscape painter, and art mentor born and raised in San Diego. She is currently working as visual development artist at Marvel Studios. In the past she has worked for Cartoon Saloon, Universal Music Group on Shawn Mendes' Album Wonder, and was one of the painter animators on the Oscar nominated film Loving Vincent.

Participant Schedule

Sunday 10/16


Tiffanie Mang Portfolio Review

Sunday 10/16 10:00AM - 11:00AM Portfolio Review Station 5

Tiffanie Mang


Things We Do In Our Paintings That WORK!

Sunday 10/16 1:00PM - 2:00PM Room 101

Tiffanie Mang, Marco Bucci

Painting is complicated. It’s a task of stacking and combining the fundamentals – line, shapes, values, edges, color, composition , as well as personal style– to create a painting that sings! Any one of these is hard enough to master on its own. Putting them together? It’s so easy to get lost. The skill of the professional artist is managing all these things in a consistent and cohesive way. Tiffanie Mang and Marco Bucci will help show you what works and what doesn’t in a painting, and will help you develop both the mindset and the toolset to achieve professional results in your work.