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Table 101

Thomas Fluharty’s work has been featured on covers for Mad magazine, Der Spiegel, Time Magazine and The New York Times. He teaches drawing and painting at Schoolism and draws every stinkin' day with a little bleu magic wand known as the Prismacolor 901 Indigo Bleu pencil. He just finished designing all the major characters for his first animated feature due out in 2022.

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/14


40 years of drawing and exaggerating. A few thoughts. Watch me draw!

Friday 10/14 2:20PM - 3:20PM Room 212

Thomas Fluharty

I’m always helped by just watching someone draw. That’s exactly what I will be doing and you can watch as well and at the end ask a few questions. I’ll try not to choke on this demo. I will also give away my drawing to one individual. See ya there!

Sunday 10/16


Thomas Fluharty's Live drawing, a costumed model

Sunday 10/16 10:10AM - 11:10AM Room 103

Thomas Fluharty

I will demo quickly a few thoughts about what I see in the model and how I might execute my drawing, and then open up the class to draw for an hour and I walk around and give insights/critiques with each artist. Cool thing about this is everyone benefits from every critique since we are all in the same room.