Spiridon Giannakis

Spiridon works in print media since 2006. After a detour into illustration, he started freelancing in 2013 as a graphic designer and publisher. He helped artists like Even Amundsen, Bastien Deharme, Alex Konstad, Abigail Larson, and more, by designing their artbooks and self-publish them through crowdfunding. Spiridon is an active networker, mental-health advocator, and community builder.

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/14


Managing Art & Mental Health in the Age of Social Media

Friday 10/14 3:40PM - 4:40PM Room 211

Loish, Iris Muddy, Sam Yang, Ross Tran, Spiridon Giannakis

Join this open discussion about caring for your mental health. Our host Spiridon talks to Loish, Iris Muddy, Sam Yang, and Ross Tran about how they deal with burnout, art block, and how to build a stronger emotional relationship and confidence with your art while navigating through the stress and pressures of social media. The panel ends with a Q&A session.

Sunday 10/16


The Art of Business

Sunday 10/16 2:00PM - 3:00PM Room 106

Banks Boutté, Spiridon Giannakis, Finnian MacManus, Sozomaika, Procreate

Tune in for a lively panel discussion exploring the challenges and opportunities in building your own business as a creative, and navigating the art world.