Noah Klocek

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Noah Klocek is an Artist and Writer who works as a Film Designer by day and picture book Author and Illustrator by night. Noah’s creative work experience includes advertising design and art direction; as well as visual development, art direction, and production design for studios such as Industrial Light & Magic, PDI/DreamWorks, and Pixar Animation Studios.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/15


Noah Klocek Portfolio Review

Saturday 10/15 10:00AM - 11:00AM Portfolio Review Station 2

Noah Klocek


Visual Development Film, Beyond Pretty Pictures

Saturday 10/15 2:00PM - 3:00PM Room 214

Noah Klocek

In art school and online “visual development” is mainly discussed in terms of technique or craft, but these are just the tools of the trade. The visual development job is so much more, it is storytelling, taste-making, researching, observing, designing and re-designing, communicating, self-analyzing, etc. This talk is about the practical process and philosophy behind visual development and production design beyond just making pretty pictures.