Nicole Hendrix


Participant Schedule

Friday 10/14


The Art of Balance: Kids and Career

Friday 10/14 12:40PM - 1:40PM Room 104-105

Concept Art Association, Pernille Ørum, Lynn Chen, Nicole Hendrix, Eliza Ivanova, Rachel Meinerding

Moderated by Rachel and Nicole of Concept Art Association, join industry artists Pernille Orum, Lynn Chen and more to be announced as they discuss the balance of kids and career. This will be a casual and open conversation about the challenges, the joys and pressures of maintaining a career that you love while still being a present parent and successfully raising a family. In partnership with Women in Animation.

Saturday 10/15


Preparing students and schools for future careers in the creative arts

Saturday 10/15 1:00PM - 2:00PM Room 204

Wacom, Nicole Hendrix, Anne Younglove, Simone Price, Carson Smith

The wide-spread adoption of remote work and virtual workflows has forced technology innovation. For professional in the creative community, many of these changes were anticipated and largely in process already. However, many students and their schools don’t have the technology or the expertise in place to teach students about these new ways of working. This panel and open discussion will share ideas on how to help our schools teach and support students who want to pursue careers in the arts and share resources and tips on getting involved with schools and teachers who are coaching and leading our new generation of artists.

Sunday 10/16


From Star Wars to Harry Potter: UK Film Industry

Sunday 10/16 1:40PM - 2:40PM Room 211

Dermot Power, Rob Bliss, Nicole Hendrix, Concept Art Association, Jack Dudman, Rachel Meinerding, Darrell Warner, Brooke Dibble

Join Concept Art Association in a discussion with UK-based concept artist’s Dermot Power, Rob Bliss, Darrell Warner, Jack Dudman and Brooke Dibble. With an impressive combined resume the panelists have worked on everything from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dr Strange, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider to name but a few. This is sure to be an insightful conversation touching on subjects such as what it looks like to be one of the first on a project during pre-production, collaboration with directors, costume designers and production designers and the ups and downs of the freelance lifestyle of a concept artist. Followed by a Q&A.