Kristina Vardazaryan

Kristina Vardazaryan is a Production Designer, Visual Development Artist and Illustrator based in Los Angeles. She has been working for studios such as Paramount Pictures, Reel Fx, Illumination and currently she is a production designer at Marvel Studios. Besides designing and creating worlds for animation, she loves creating unique illustrations for greeting cards, stationery, wall art, gifts, home decor and more.

Participant Schedule

Sunday 10/16


Designing the Multiverse: The Art of What If...?

Sunday 10/16 11:50AM - 12:50PM Room 208

Paul Lasaine, Kristina Vardazaryan, Cynthia Halley, Alex Del Rosario, Marvel Animation

Ever wonder what it’s like to develop the artwork for a groundbreaking animation series? Production Designer Paul Lasaine and Art Directors Cynthia Halley and Kristina Vardazaryan are three of the key creative forces behind Marvel’s What If, and are excited to share some of their experiences making the show!

The discussion will range from initial development and building a team, to landing on final look and the nuances of working with an unprecedented 2D/3D pipeline. Come listen to a candid conversation about the design process for Marvel Studio’s first ever animated production, and have a chance to ask your most burning questions about the artwork for the many worlds of What If!