Jesús Ramirez

Jesús Ramirez is a graphic artist and educator specializing in Adobe Photoshop. Recently, Jesús has worked as a Finisher in the Hollywood industry, creating film and TV posters for HBO, Netflix, and CBS. Jesús is best known as the founder of the Photoshop Training Channel, one of the most popular Photoshop YouTube channels in the world, with close to 2 million subscribers.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/15


Advanced Photoshop Power Tips & Tricks

Saturday 10/15 10:20AM - 11:20AM Room 107

MSI, Jesús Ramirez

Join Jesús Ramirez in this information-packed session for advanced Photoshop users that will leave you with at least one “Wow, I didn’t know Photoshop could do that!” moment. This fast-paced session will teach you techniques to work faster and smarter to become a Photoshop power user!

In this session, you will explore:

Neural Filters for real-world workflows.
Compositing tricks from the Hollywood industry.
Understanding how color works.
Lesser known features that make a big difference.
And much more!