James Gurney

James Gurney wrote and illustrated the New-York-Times bestselling Dinotopia book series, published in 32 countries and 18 languages. He worked on over a dozen assignments for National Geographic and produced 15 dinosaur stamps for USP. His originals have been shown in over 35 solo museum exhibitions. His book "Color and Light" was Amazon's #1 bestselling book on painting for over a year.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/15


Imaginative Realism: Classical How-To

Saturday 10/15 10:30AM - 11:30AM Room 102

James Gurney

Dream it, plan it, paint it! This lively and entertaining digital slide presentation for all audiences examines the practical methods for translating an imaginative scene into a realistic painting. The topics include research, thumbnail sketches, models posing, maquettes, photo reference, and plein-air studies. I’ll chronicle the creative development that led to the fantasy universe of Dinotopia, the behind-the-scenes work on a scientific rendering of a dinosaur, archaeological reconstructions for National Geographic, and how I painted a giant robot outdoors, on location, in an urban streetscape.


The Building Blocks of World Building

Saturday 10/15 12:10PM - 1:10PM Room 104-105

Dylan Cole, David Levy, Armand Baltazar, Sparth, Sonja Christoph, Renee di Cherri, James Gurney

Artists Dylan Cole, David Levy, Armand Baltazar, Sparth, Sonja Christoph, and James Gurney discuss how they go about creating the immersive environments and whole new worlds. Q&A to follow. Moderated by Renee di Cherri.