Ethan Becker


Table 636

I am animation

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/14


A new way to make animation

Friday 10/14 12:50PM - 1:50PM Room 212

Ethan Becker, Rad Sechrist, Jonnie Ross

Rad, Ethan and Jonnie will talk about and share the independent animation projects they are working on as well as talk about their process for studio animation vs independent projects.

Sunday 10/16


Ethan Becker vs Samdoesarts vs Rossdraws Superpanel

Sunday 10/16 3:10PM - 4:10PM Room 104-105

Sam Yang, Ethan Becker, Ross Tran

Ethan, Sam and Ross talk about becoming art/content creators, having a Social Media Presence, and trying to stay true to your path in today’s day and age.

Ethan, Sam and Ross will review entries from the FanArt Contest where a winner will be revealed LIVE. Q&A will follow and a secret surprise will be unveiled at the end!