Eric Rigney

Combination M&E technologist, problem-solver, entrepreneur, facility's manager, and educator. A proven history of M&E innovation leadership, development & implementation of technological & workflow efficiencies that deliver profitable outcomes and customer satisfaction. Current areas of development include digital infrastructure to support digital centric M&E technologies and workflows, as well as tools and techniques to improve acoustical environments. Helping today intersect with tomorrow. CURRENT 1) Subject matter expert in sound reflection & noise mitigation in volume stages ( Tools for measuring and correcting acoustical environments: recording studios, mix stages, screening room, theaters, etc. 2) Spearheading awareness and adoption of existing data industry standards within M&E's data center infrastructures to accommodate technical alignment, interoperability, risk mitigation, and customer service (EVP, MEDCA). Able to offer cost-effective data infrastructure solutions. 3) Interest in digital supply-chain, AI/ML, content security, and hybrid/on-prem/edge data center workflows. PREVIOUS Innovator in non-linear editing (NLE) solutions for feature picture editorial: first Avid trained NLE technician (ACSR "001"), first to support shared NLE picture editorial storage, first to install and support a mobile feature cutting room, the first networked NLE supported theaters, the first cross-town direct-connect joining VFX with feature editorial (eliminating

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/15


Preparing for the future of the creative industry

Saturday 10/15 2:30PM - 3:30PM Room 204

Wacom, Felix Jorge, AJ Wedding, Erik Weaver, Eric Rigney, Tom Thudiyanpackal

The last three years forced the creative industry into innovating and implementing new working styles, from wide-spread adoption of virtual production to preparing an entire workforce to work remotely. Many of these changes have been beneficial to artists, while some changes have put artists at risk. The panel and open conversation will offer ideas on what the future holds and how we can both prepare for the next wave of innovation and help artists navigate the current reality. Guests include: experts who work in virtual production, a professional studio head who works in a studio that has a remote work force, an expert who helps artists freelance without being taken advantage of, and education experts to discuss ways that we can prepare students for this future, as well as a representative of Wacom who will share the ways technology has changed and is currently adapting to these new ways of working.