Cheyne Gallarde


Table 529

Queer illustrator in San Francisco. Clients include Netflix, LogoTV, Coach, Image Comics, Penguin Books, MTV, HBO and True Religion.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/15


How has Copic shaped your career?

Saturday 10/15 4:50PM - 5:50PM Room 212

Angela Sung, Bryce Kho, Cheyne Gallarde, Shannon Brouk, Copic

We’ll begin the conversation by exploring how each panelists’ artistic interests began and how traditional mediums, specifically Copic markers, played a key role in its development. We’ll then dive into each of their careers, taking note of how their use of Copic products has evolved. Lastly, we’ll discuss tips and tricks each panelist would like to share to inspire the panel attendees to open up their marker box again and to rediscover the joys of creating with Copic; or to continue to use Copic in their work.