Charlie Goelst

Charlie's mission in life is to bring more joy and connection to digital creation. She has spent 16 years evolving companies’ innovation by intersecting design, technology, market trends, and business strategy. She employs a holistic approach, investigating the needs and goals of the end-user. Her work builds new products and experiences through research, design, and validation. A visionary for creatives, Goelst creates new creative technologies for artists. Before joining Intel, she traveled the globe redesigning and innovating the creative workflows of many prominent creative talents, including Adidas, Nike, Google, Weta, Xbox, and Industrial Light & Magic, among others. In addition to optimizing traditional 2D and 3D workflows, she specializes in XR and Spatial computing—the Metaverse. When not creating the future, she hikes with her beloved Corgi, enjoying photography, drawing, woodworking, and snowboarding.

Participant Schedule

Sunday 10/16


Blending Realities: Your Recipe for the Future of Creative Innovation

Sunday 10/16 3:00PM - 4:00PM Room 209-210

Estella Tse, Charlie Goelst

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Meat Reality, NFTs, AI – future tech is overwhelming, ambiguous, a bit scary, and confusing! How do artists and designers fit into the picture? And where is the creativity and expression in all this!? Join Charlie and Estella as they dive into the latest in XR, how our digital and IRL realities are becoming more blended, the future of creative tech and the role of creatives, and how ice cream will lead us there!