Bit Wars & Split Studios


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PORTFOLIOS HERE -- -- Bit Wars, and Nuboom Studios thereby, rose up during the pandemic as a melting pot of people from different backgrounds. We come from different walks of life and places all around the world, and are unified by the desire to share stories that touch people, looking to break new ground in animated storytelling by blending eastern and western techniques. Three years later, we've built a large enough team to cover everything from writing, story, and design, to post production and composition. And we've recently partnered with Split Studio in Brazil (known for their work with Hello Kitty, Rick and Morty, and much more!) to take our next step toward making that dream a reality through animation! Whether it's coming to a new country, to overcoming stigmas, to mental health and more, we want to cross the borders and create shows and characters that are fun and epic, but also heartwarming and help us grow as people. Bit Wars is the first of many of these shows, paying homage to everything we love about video games. To us, it's not about facing game over, it's about using your next life with your failure as tool. Because despite even overwhelming odds, experience is your greatest weapon, and you can always get back up, and try again.