Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpe is a freelance character artist who has worked in game cinematics and collectibles for studios like Blur, Riot Games, and Axis. Her range of work includes hyper realism like Call of Duty, to hand painted stylized characters for League of Legends cinematics. She specializes in modeling, sculpture, texturing, and look development for high resolution assets, as well as sculpting for collectible statues.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/15


Using 3D to Create Iconic Characters & Creatures for Film & Games

Saturday 10/15 11:30AM - 12:30PM Room 101

Gnomon, Jared Krichevsky, Amy Sharpe, Ashley Stegon, Adam Hartel

This will be a panel interview with each artist about how they use 3D to create iconic characters and creatures for film, armor and costume for shows, and games. We will be showing some of their work, speaking with each of them about their artistic journeys, and how 3D is an inspiring tool for them to expand their creativity and designs.