Alexey Andreev

Art Director, VFX and Lookdevelopment supervisor with 16 years experience in the fields During my career I've contributed to the IP's like: Love Death and Robots, Terminator 6, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Valorant, Elder Scrolls Online, Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs to name a few. I worked as an art director on 4 episodes for Love Death and Robots Season 2 and 3

Participant Schedule

Sunday 10/16


Storydriven Colorscripting and Artdirection

Sunday 10/16 11:40AM - 12:40PM Room 207

Alexey Andreev

Our role as artists in the entertainment industry is to help tell complex stories. I will expand on my last year’s presentation and talk on how art can meaningfully contribute to the storytelling, help to build visual progressions and add value to the story in its own unique way. I will focus on my favorite subjects–lighting, color and cinematography but will also touch on other themes like set and character design. I will bring up examples of my work for the Love Death and Robots tv series for which I’ve art directed 5 episodes across 3 seasons as well as other project I had a chance to work on in the past few years.